Hey, Mr. DJ!

Let's talk about wedding music. Or not. It's not like we ever really did. I mean we did, it just wasn't some big conversation.  It went a little something like this:

K: I'm thinking we should just use our iPod for the music for the wedding. What do you think?
D: Uh huh.
K: Are you listening to me?
D: Ummm, yeah?
K: What did I say?
D: I don't know. Tell me, again.
K: I knew you weren't listening. I said, I'm thinking we should just use our iPod for the music for the wedding. What do you think?
D: Sounds good.

Then we were done with our discussion. And we knew how the music for both our wedding on Maui and the celebration in Portland would  be taken care of.


First we started by throwing around which songs we would want for the actual wedding ceremony.  It took a little time, but we finally decided on three songs. One for Drew to walk to, one for our Maid of Honor, my daughter and our Mod of Honor's Daughter to walk to and one for me to walk to.  No, we aren't telling you which songs we picked. You will have to wait for the wedding for that juicy reveal.

Now what we probably had the hardest time with was figuring out a song for our first dance. I kept throwing out all kinds of different songs and Drew kept knocking them down. Hard! I was starting to feel a little discouraged that we were never going to come up with and agree on song.  Then a song popped into my head that I could not believe I had not thought of earlier.  Or even that Drew hadn't thought of. I put in on and Drew instantly agreed that this was it. We were so happy to finally have our first dance song.  No, we aren't sharing that either.  Again, you will have to hang out until after the wedding to find out.

While we had time off at the holidays we got to work on two out of four playlists that we needed to complete.  The first was for the our cocktail hour following the wedding reception. This one was pretty easy. We waned a vintage vibe and went with songs by Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone and many more. I promise to post our actual playlists after the wedding.

Next we worked on the playlist that will be played during some fun activities for the wedding reception. We wanted to create a fun upbeat vibe and went with songs from the 50s through the 80s. Basically we just played different songs on the iPod and yayed or nayed them. Then we went back through the ones we yayed and decided if they were officially making it on the playlist or not. It was pretty easy, as well.

The song we had the second hardest time picking out was for our reception entrance. We wanted it to be fun, but didn't want to do what everyone else does. We wanted something a little more original. Something we hadn't heard of anyone doing before. While we were working on our playlists, I played one song to be silly and we quickly realized it was the perfect song for our entrance. It's all kinds of fun and perfect for what we are going for during our entrance.  You got it, you are going to have to wait to find out what this song is too.

Since we had such an easy time making our playlists, I actually looked up some articles for tips to give all of you on creating your own playlists for your weddings. But, I got bored with them the first couple sentences in and closed all my tabs. I did find this funny bit of wedding fun though. Check it out and let me know what you think. 

Are you having a band, DJ or iPod for the music at your wedding? What helped you decided on which one to go with?

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