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*Disclaimer* WEDDING GUESTS, do not read below or you will spoil some of the surprises for the wedding.  Seriously, don't do it. 

I'm warning you, wedding guests, as I shake my fist at you, don't look any further!

That picture has nothing to do with this post.  I just thought it was pretty and wanted something to use as a place holder to keep wedding guests from ready any further.  Wedding guests, if you just read that you are in BIG TROUBLE! This is your last chance to turn away and not ruin any surprises for you.

Now to the real post...

To be able to afford the kind of wedding that we wanted it meant having to do a lot of do it yourself (DIY) projects. Which means that our Maid of Honor, Nicki, and I are doing a bunch of DIY wedding projects. Don't get me wrong, Drew is doing a bunch of projects, too. His projects are just centered around finishing the restoration on Knotty Cakes Ranch, while the ones that Nicki and I are working on are directly related to the wedding. These are the projects that are on my mind right now and I am currently working on a plan to tackle the rest of them.

I hear it again and again from other brides how far head I am with getting everything done.  How their weddings are before ours and how they have not done half of the projects that I've done.  Well, here's the thing, I don't want to be stressed out and rushing last minute to get everything done as we get closer to July.  Once the wedding related parties start, I want to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy all of the festivities.

With this in mind, I set out to make a schedule of all of the projects that still need to be completed for the wedding. For all reasons of sanity, I'm only going to focus on the projects for the next three months. I've got all of the projects figured out and have it all written down, but I don't need to overwhelm myself in an effort to be more "organized".

Projects to complete by January 10th:

Our Portland wedding celebration save the dates.  These are almost done.  They just need a bit of cleaning up and a few pictures changed. Once they are all done, I will order them to be printed and mail them out.

Our plan is to mail these out before the postage price increases.  We'd bought a bunch of wedding stamps and I want to use them while I can without having to buy additional postage. Or course, they weren't forever stamps. I think it doesn't look the best to have to put an extra stamp with an odd picture on them for the extra postage.

Put together travel packets for guests who have already RSVPed to the wedding and mail them out.

Labels for wedding favors. These are already half way done.  I just need to add the wording to them.

That's all that's left for January.  Normally I would have more wedding projects going on for the month, but since I just completed a ton in December and we need to figure out a few things while on our wedding planning trip to Maui before we can move forward on some of our projects, it's going to be a light month.  Well, in regards to wedding projects.  We are starting the building of our tiki bar in our basement this month. Yahoo! Which really is a wedding project since it needs to be done in time for our Portland celebration.

Projects to be completed by February 10th:

Why the 10th again, you ask.  Well in January is has to do with having enough time to print our save the dates before we leave for Maui.  In February it has to do with us using a Groupon for VistaPrint before the expiration date.

Once we have gone to Maui we will have had the chance to check a lot of places out we are considering for our wedding week activities, had food tastings and put the finishing touches on many details with our vendors. That will give us all of the information we need to complete all the rest of our DIY projects for everything happening on Maui. It sure is going to feel great once all of that is done!

Invitations to our Cock n Hen party.

Invitations to the Wahine Party.

Invitations to the rehearsal dinner.

Invitations to the Mahalo Brunch.

All of these invitations already have the main design layout for them.  They just need the information we will be getting on Maui and for all of that information to be filled in.

Nicki will also be working on a few items for my bridal shower that she is throwing that she will most likely include with the VistaPrint order.  Hey, we can all stand to save a few bucks. I've promised not to look at what she's ordered if she does do this. I want to be surprised when the invitation comes in the mail!

No, really! I promise not to look. I promise not to look. I promise not to look.

Projects to be completed by the end of March: 

Notice, I did not use the date of the 10th, again.

Put together wedding favors and party favors.

Make hostess gifts. There are a lot of parties being thrown for us to celebrate our upcoming wedding and I want to make sure to have something special to give all of the hosts.

Put together everything for our destination gift bags for our guests. Bags will actually be assembled on Maui the night before our guests arrive. But, this way I will already have everything ready to go and to easily assemble.

All of that sounds like more than enough projects to keep us moving for the next couple months. Although, knowing me, I am sure I will add a few more things to the list along the way.  Between all of this, our planning trip and starting the build-out on our basement tiki bar we will be more than busy getting everything done.

What DIY projects do you have in the works for your wedding? How are you doing on your timeline to get everything done in time before the wedding?

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