Becoming Real

While posting on The Knot this morning, I noticed my wedding counters. They read 2 weeks until our wedding planning trip to Maui, 6 months until our wedding and 8 months until our Portland wedding celebration. What? How did that happen? Where has the time gone? Then it hit me, this is really happening.  I'm really getting married this year. All of a sudden this overwhelming wave of excitement urged through me while also wanting to throw-up at the same time.

A little while later my Maid of Honor emailed me about some wedding projects we are working on and mentioned that she had almost everything worked out for the bridal shower she is throwing me. She'd be making an announcement to me about it as soon as it was all ironed out. What? That's happening, too?  Oh yeah. In less than three months.  Again, I felt super excited and like I was going to throw up at the same time.

I certainly hope this is not how I am going to feel for the next six months.  I don't know if I could handle this level of excitement followed by an uncontrollable urge to throw up every day. I get that feeling excited and nervous before your wedding is normal. We are going to be making a life-altering step together. Lots of people feel nervous leading up to their weddings. What I'm not up for is feeling this way six months before the wedding.  Six months! Here's to hoping it passes soon so I don't end up like the bride below on our wedding day.

When did you start feeling overly excited and/or nervous about your wedding day? Did that feeling come and go or was it with you consistently once it started?

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