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When deciding where to get married on Maui we considered many different locations.  We knew we didn't want to be in a heavily tourist area or somewhere that lots of other weddings where taking place on the same day. We wanted a town that was more mellow and reminiscent of old Hawaii. After looking into many different options, our search ended in the little beach town of Paia.

This hospitable community of scenic views offers just about everything a traveler seeks: quaint shops, beaches, local art galleries, terrific dining for all tastes, surfing and windsurfing. Away from the crowds of Lahaina and Kihei, you will have the opportunity to discover the other Maui: the town of Paia on the beautiful north shore.


Paia is a reflection of its history as a booming sugar cane plantation town with its old plantation style wooden buildings still intact. This quaint little beach town has an array of locally owned island shops, boutiques, surf shops, antique stores, bakeries and even an old fashion tattoo parlor. Award winning restaurants offer casual and full service dining with local and international culinary delights. All offer a warm welcome and friendly service, with an atmosphere unlike any other town on the island. Can you see why we picked this great little town for our wedding?


With over 10 restaurants, all tastes should be meet with an array of choices including coffee shops, delis, Pacific Rim, Continental, Mexican, crepes, Indian, Mediterranean and Vegetarian cuisine. Planning on taking a drive to Hana? Paia is the last stop for gas and eateries along the way so make sure to stock up on both before hitting the Road to Hana. Whether you are looking for a light snack, shaved ice, a tropical drink or a full meal, Paia offers it all!

Paia is known for its wonderful white sand beaches. Baldwin Beach Park has one of the most beautiful white sand beaches on Maui and offers full facilities. On weekdays, it is almost never crowded. Make sure to stop at Baldwin Beach if you are ever on Maui and don't forget your camera!

Baldwin Beach

Only a few minutes away you will find Hookipa Beach Park, the windsurfing capital of the world. Several professional competitions are held each year at Hookipa which attracts competitors from all over the world. With wave jumping and aerial flips that are not unusual to see, this is another must on your visit to Paia.

Hookipa Beach

How did you select your wedding location? Was there any requirements for it that you had to have?

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