How to Throw a Hipster Wedding

Ok, this blog made me laugh. Make sure to click on all of the links and watch the video. I'll confess we are doing some of these things.  A part of me wants to change it just because I don't want our wedding to be associated with being a hipster.  On the other hand, I really don't care. These are things we love and I'm not going to cut them out simply because some guy on the Internets says it's hipster.  He's probably hipster. This is probably the wedding of his dreams and he doesn't want anyone to take that away from him so he's playing it like it's just not cool. Enjoy! 

Inspiration for your own hipster wedding.
Are there any wedding trends that you think are over done and would like to see retired to the wedding hall of shame with puffy sleeved wedding dresses and headband veils? 

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