DIY: Put a Band On It

We made two different belly bands for our wedding invitations.  There were the ones that went around the invitation box and the ones that went around the invitation pocket fold envelopes. Below are the steps we took to make the belly bands for the envelopes.

For the belly bands for the envelopes, I started off by punching scalloped circles out of card stock in one of our wedding colors.

Nicki cut out bands from sea grass paper that were each the width of the ruler she used to cut them. We measured how long we wanted the bands by measuring around the pocket fold envelopes before hand.

Amanda helped by folding the bands around each invitation. Look at how fast her hands are moving! While Amanda folded, I hot glued little seastars on each scalloped circle.

Great job on the folding, Amanda!

The bands were folded up.

Then the top part was folded down and sealed with a drop of hot glue.

One of the seastar seals was hot glued to the front of the band to cover up where the band came together and to give it a delicate finishing touch.

All of the invitation belly bands lined up and ready to slide on to the invitations.

The finished product! Looks great and a super easy DIY project.

If you have any questions on how to make these, please feel free to ask. I promise they are very easy to make and a nice first DIY project to take on.

All photos are personal photos and cannot be used without permission. Mahalo!


asformeiamokay said...


I stumbled upon your blog when researching my own destination wedding in Kauai. You have some really great ideas!!

One question (and I may have missed it from another blog post) - where did you purchase that sea grass paper? Is it just wallpaper? I would love to incorporate it as backing for our own save the date cards.


kimmy kupcakes said...

Mahalo! I had a really hard time finding that paper. I ended up finding out what it was called and where to find it from another Hawaii bride. It's called basho paper. You can get it here: http://store.hiromipaper.com/hp-basho.aspx

The sheets of paper are really big. I ordered 3 of them and used them for many things in regards to the wedding. They come rolled up in a tube and are really easy to work with.


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