Laying a Pathway

From the very beginning when we purchased Knotty Cakes Ranch, we felt that it needed a pathway leading up to the front door. It has a curved driveway and as a result does not have a straight path to the front. This actually ended up being a pretty quick project that was completed in less than a day. It made a huge difference on the look of the house and we are very happy with the way it turned out.  What do you think?

First we tried laying out the path in a couple different patterns to find the one we liked best.  We went with placing the stepping stones to look like diamonds to complement our front window.

Our friend, Jon, helped Drew lay the ground barrier and place the stones perfectly.

The hardest part was laying the stepping stones equal amounts apart.  Of course, Drew measured it all out.

Love the finished look with the red lava rock added in!

We even added a few diamonds in the front for people to step on when getting out of their vehicles.

ChiChi worked so hard on the path, she thought she'd unwind with a beer afterwards.

Oh, ChiChi! Looks like you drank too much!
All photos are personal photos.

No animals were harmed in these photos. Come on people, she licked a can and then was laying in the sun!

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