Cleaning Up the Front Yard Take 2

The landscaping at Knotty Cakes Ranch has been in need of great repair even before we moved in. The "clean up" that the previous owners did to the yard to sell it was less than desirable.  Basically, they cut everything down and threw in a bunch of bark dust. Yeah, it looked bad! Real bad!

We had done a bit of clean up on it the year before, but there was still a lot more to be done. We set out on a Saturday with help from Mom and my best friend, Nicki, to pull the yard into shape as best as we could.  We planted tons of bulbs, pulled weeds, trimmed grass, laid rock, planted shrubs and tress and started a pathway to our front door. After many hours and a lot of work, we had a front yard that we were much happier with.

Last year we cut this juniper back, but it never filled in like the other one, so we decided to take it out all together. Made a huge difference in the look of the yard.

Nicki and Amanda laying lava rock.

Nicki's got some muscles!

Nicki and I had to go back to Home Depot for more rock and stepping stones.  We loaded this baby up all by ourselves!

Amanda laying more rock.

Drew and Nicki planting new mini-trees in the front.

Mom made the plant bed in front of the garage bigger.

 We planted this tree last year and it's doing great.  Looks even better with the new rock around it.

We repeated the mini-tree and shrub combo three times in the front yard. You can also see we started playing around with our new pathway.

The front yard looks so much better now. Notice Cupcake to the right? Both him and Radish love to walk up and down the new pathway.

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