Trader Vic's Portland Soft Openings

We know we've been lagging a bit on all of the blogs for Trader Vic's Portland. I guess we've just been at Trader Vic's too much to post about it. We attended the soft openings, the official Grand Opening, came back for dinner later that night and have been every week since it's opened. Some weeks more than once. To move alone with our Trader Vic's Portland posts, we will get started with the soft openings.

We attended two different nights of the soft openings at Trader Vic's Portland in July. The first night we sat in the dining room. We were so happy with how the place turned out. It was the perfect blend of vintage meets modern. Really, we couldn't say enough about how awesome the decor is. We are so lucky to have Trader Vic's back in Portland and for it to have come together so perfectly. 

Above the main dining room. 

Hostess station. 

We were also very happy with all of the food and drink we had both nights that we went to Trader Vic's, They have different menus in the dining room and bar area so going both nights gave us the opportunity to try them both out. We both agreed that we enjoyed the dining room menu best, but also enjoyed many items on the bar menu, as well. 

The peanut butter that comes with the bread is whipped with coconut!

The Coral Reef is a refreshing non-alcoholic alternative. 

Drew and one of his favorites, the Peach Tree Punch. 

The stuffed artichoke is very rich and flavorful. 

The edamame ravioli is one of our favorite dishes. 

The smoked tofu salad was another favorite. 

On your way to the restrooms you  pass this great mask. 

We were just so happy to have found out that our dinner was "taken care of". Thanks, John!

The great Chinese wood-burning oven. 

This wall is made out of all live plants. 

One of the two tikis outside the front door.  This one was used as the inspiration to the Munktiki  mug. 

After we enjoyed a great dinner at Trader Vic's, we returned the next night on our way out of town to the beach house to sit in the lounge. This gave us the opportunity to try a few more drinks and the bar food menu. 

Welcome to Trader Vic's.

I gotta pee!

The Misty Mountain Wild Mushroom Rolls were so yummy! Just wish they weren't so expensive. 

Enjoyed another great night at Trader Vic's Portland!

*All photos from our personal collection.*

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