Some of you may remember that I found my wedding dress this past April.  If you missed the post about finding my dress, you can read it here. When I ordered it I was told that it should be here in August. Well, August came and went and still no dress.  I was starting to get just a little bit worried when I got a call on Tuesday saying that my dress was in!

Image via Wedding by Color

I made an appointment to try it on and pick it up on October 1st.  I hated having to make it more than two weeks out, but we are about to go on vacation to San Francisco to get our engagement pictures taken, as well as visit some Bay Area tiki and hometown friends. So there just wasn't time to go do it before we left. Plus, both Mom and my Maid of Honor, Nicki wanted to go with me.  I also still need to finish getting all of my undergarments to wear under the dress before I try it on. Ooh la la!

Brides of the headless horseman?
Image by Couture Allure 

Knowing that your dress is here and not being able to go get it is even worse than your delivery date being late. It's sort of like the dress is mocking you in the way a cupcake does when you are trying to not eat sugar. I'll just try to not think about the dress in the same way I would try to not think about the cupcake, until it consumes me, I can't take it anymore and I consume it! Of course, I won't eat my dress.  That would just be silly.

This image is all over the web, but no source was listed. 
I'll be happy to source it, if you know where it comes from. :)

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