Trader Vic's Grand Opening Night

We came back later in the night on Trader Vic's Grand Opening with many friends for dinner. The festivities continued with Mayor Sam Adams declaring August Tiki Month in Portland, hula dancers, a fire dancer and free cake for all!

Approaching Trader Vic's.
Photo provided by Koifish Communications
Mayor Sam Adams and Paul and Deb Nielsen aka Mr & Mrs Munktiki
Photo provided by Koifish Communications
Super yummy green tea cake with poached strawberries and azuki bean filling.
Photo provided by Koifish Communications
Drinks are arriving!
Paul's really excited over Jon's menehune.
Drew catching a wave! A mai tai wave,that is.
Liza and Lise
Maybe this was why Paul was so excited!
Lovely ladies!
Jon was pretty happy when the manager, Sage, brought him the female menehune, as well. 
Looks like we were already through our first round of drinks and waiting for more! 
Ignore whatever Liza is doing...
Joe, the drink's a Rum Giggle, not a Rum Hurt. 
We tried the curry that night and it was so yummy.
She's hot.
Coffee Grog, like Spanish, only better!
Drew loves his grog. 
The hula dancer did all different dances. 

Looking pretty good at the new Trader Vic's Portland!
Love the orchids they added to the water fountain for opening night. 

*All photos from personal collection, unless otherwise noted.*

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