Grand Opening of Trader Vic's Portland

Update: This post has been updated with additional photos.

Trader Vic's Portland was scheduled to open for their big grand opening on August 1st at 3:30 pm. I went down a bit early and got in line since they were giving away a little something to the first fifty costumers and of course I wanted whatever it was. I was a little worried that I might be getting down there to late, but was happy to see I was the second person in line. Shortly after that our friend Liza showed up and then our friend Greg. 

All the workers were frantically trying to finish up all the little touches before the doors opened!

Just a few more touches...

Waiting in line for Trader Vic's to officially open. 

John, manager of Trader Vic's Emeryville, and Kimmy.
Photo provided by Koifish Communications

What did the first 50 through the door receive? A free Mai Tai, of course!

Greeted with a mai tai.
Photo provided by Koifish Communications

And a lei.
Photo provided by Koifish Communications

Love the new Shag bartender shirts. 

Our friend, Greg, wearing a fresh orchid lei. They were also given out to the first 50 people. 

Trader Vic's drinks are all about the garnish. 

Kimmy and Liza enjoying free Mai Tais. 

Love the angles of the ceiling. 

A over 100 year old fertility artifact.   
*All photos are from personal collection, unless noted.*

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