Charles Phoenix Retro Slide Show

This was our third time seeing one of Charles Phoenix's retro slide shows. We first saw him a few years back in Vegas and then saw a holiday show that he did here in Portland. Next we will be seeing him in Palm Springs. If you haven't seen one of his shows, we recommended that you do. His presentation will have you laughing from beginning to end.  As well, the slides he shows.  

Charles was amazed when he came into the room and there was a huge print of this piece of art.  He said that the smaller version in tile was the very first  tiki art he ever owned.

One of the great thing about Charles Phoenix are his suits!

The Bali Hai in San Diego when it first opened.

Jello is so gross!

This great bar was open during the peak of The Salton Sea. If you don't know about the Salton Sea, you should watch the documentary about this great piece of American history.

Now that man had some decorating style!

This great slide was taking at The Enchanted Forest here in Oregon!

Did you ever see Charles on YouTube?  If not, look it up.  Martha's reactions are pretty funny.

Sandy whores?

John sure has a really big rocket.

It's all the crepe paper that really makes this luau.

Why don't we have this matching set?

Good to know they knew how to party back in the days.

Baby New Year?

We so made one of these for a friend's BBQ once.

Next Charles Phoenix cooking challenge will be the Cherpumplle. 

Not so sure about making this one....

Tiki meatloaf for your Thanksgiving luau.

Don't forget to dress your tiki loaf after cooking.

Do make sure to throw it away or send home the leftovers with your guests.

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Damon @ Let's Tiki said...

What a fun set of pictures. I love the old Luau ones! Thanks for sharing. That's fun.


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