Around Tiki Oasis 10: Day 2

Every day at Tiki Oasis is an adventure and day 2 was no different. We did a lot of shopping among the vendors, hang into more than one friend from the NW, watched some tiki carvers and had lunch at In n Out Burger.  Yes, vegetarians can eat there, too.  You just have to order off of the secret menu. 

One of the doors from Tiburon Tommy's was for sale.  Wish we could have gotten it since this is the very first tiki bar and restaurant that Kimmy ever went to when she was a little girl and has many fond memories there.

Ran into our friends and neighbors, Austin and Marci.

Ran into our friend, Jeff from Seattle.

Love us some In n Out Burger.

Amanda's favorite tiki artist, Tiki Tony

Pretty much had to force Amanda to take this picture.  Teenagers!

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