Outrigger and Bali Hai Apartments

The first stop on our Tiki Road Trip Take 2 or TRTT2 was purely by accident. We were getting pretty bored in the car since we’d been driving for over 11 hours and decided to look on Critiki’s mobile app to see if there was any tiki nearby. Sure enough, the very next exit had some tiki!

The Outrigger and Bali Hai Apartments are located in Stockton. The area was for sure sketchy, but we didn’t let that stop us from enjoy a bit of tiki history. The Outrigger has the most tiki touches, while the Bali Hai has only the moai in front of it. But, what a cool only to have! We wouldn't mind one big tiki outside of Knotty Cakes Ranch.

Outrigger Apartments

Now that's a leaf!

Bali Hai Apartments

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