This time around on our tiki road trip we cut over to CA-99 instead of taking I-5 all the way down so that we’d be able to hit a few tiki spots we’d never been to in Modesto, CA. When we got into town we checked into our motel, quickly cleaned up and headed over to Minnie’s.

Minnie’s Restaurant was established in 1954 as a Chinese restaurant with a tiki bar that served unique tropical drinks. We can’t speak for the food since we arrived there late, but we did enjoy a few of their cocktails. Not top of the line tiki drinks, but decent enough very strong tropical style drinks. Minnie’s also features tiki carvings and artwork throughout the building and their back patio. The most notable being a large number of striking black velvet paintings by the artist, Tyree.

Two of the many black velvet paintings by Tyree.

They tried to sell us this interestingly painted glass for $20.

Honey, this pictures for you!

Behind the bar.

What are they trying to say posting a pig's head outside of the Men's room?

Part of the outside patio.


Attack of the killer tiki!

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calihoney said...

Love the "money shot"! LOL


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