Christmas Brunch

Since this was our first Christmas at Knotty Cakes Ranch we decided to have Christmas brunch at our house. We invited some family and a few friends that didn’t have their own Christmas plans. The brunch was a lot of work, but it was all worth it. The food turned out great and everyone really enjoyed it. Aunt Bea was even talking about it the next day as being some of the best food she ever had. You know that made us both smile. We are looking forward to having Christmas brunch again at Knotty Cakes ranch on 2012.

Menu: Eggs Benedict, veggie pies in a blanket, mushroom gravy, roasted autumn vegetables, bagels with fixings, latkes with fixings, field roast, cranberry sauce and asparagus with balsamic syrup. All homemade.

Blanching the asparagus.

Caramelizing the onions.

Sauteing the brussel sprouts.

Reducing the balsamic vinegar.

Chanterelle mushrooms for gravy.

Clementines, pomegranate and homemade cranberry sauce.

Perfect flowers for our brunch. Tropical with a touch of holiday flair.

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