Christmas 2010

What a great first Christmas we had at Knotty Cakes Ranch. We all got up early and had our own Christmas morning, just the three of us (and animals), before having to get moving on brunch and others started showing up. We all got gifts we loved and enjoyed our quiet morning together before the Christmas hustle and bustle came through the front door.

Christmas morning.

Looks like we were good this year!

To hold us over until brunch we had some gingerbread cupcakes and Tom n Jerry.

Amanda giving Radish some love.

Now that's a heavy stocking.

YAY! A vegan beef stick!

Nice 'stash.

Not the ring that was hoped for...

Foot arch supports? Santa = Fail!

It sucks when there's nothing left in the stocking.

Nice Forbidden Island calendar.

Drew's new coat.

Drew loves Chi Chi.

Perfect gift!

Our gift from Amanda was in the freezer.

YAY! It's-It's! Amanda actually found some in Oregon.

Chi Chi had no problem opening her gift.

Chi Chi wants her gift now!

Cupcake wasn't too excited about opening his gift.

Cupcake is so good about Chi Chi always attacking her.

Chi Chi's Christmas collar.

Very happy with the Christmas brunch we made for everyone.

Sitting down to Christmas brunch.

Can we eat, yet?

Even more presents under the tree! Time for present opeing round 2.

Suzie, Matt and Amanda waiting to open presents.

What is it?

Could it be?

YES! Skates! Leopard print!

Lise was happy to hold Chi Chi the whole time we were opening presents.

Love the huge tiki carved spoon and fork set from Matt and Suzie.

Drew, Suzie and Matt.

Drew did good with the gifts this year. Great new velvet painting.

New salt and pepper shakers from Gramma and Grampa.

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