Our friends, Heather and Craig have a Krampus party every holiday season that we love to attend. What is a Kramus party you ask? Well, to sum it up we celebrate a switch swinging, kid snatching goat demon by all dressing in red and black and having great drinks in their Monkey Hut in Exile basement tiki bar.

This was a third year attending and every year seems to get better. As does their tiki bar that was recently expanded and made to accommodate a larger party. Looks like Heather and Craig won’t get any switches this year.

Drew and our friend, Lise.

Teresa and Frank in the tiki bar.

Lots of new decorations in Monkey Hut in Exile.

A proper tiki bar should always have lots hanging from the ceiling and a puffer fish lamp.

The lamp they are "cleaning" for The Alibi.

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