Crafty Wonderland

We started doing some of our Christmas shopping for the first time last year at Crafty Wonderland. Everyone loved what we got them so much from there and we also loved what we were able to get for others that we knew we had to go back again this year. If you haven’t been, make sure to make your calendar for next year. You and those you buy gifts for will be so happy that you did. Plus, it’s a great way to support your very local economy and the small business owner.

That black velvet pineapple painting is going on our wish list!

This black velvet painting could also go on it. Both paintings were done by Juanita.

What a great idea to have a little trailer as a dressing room.

The trailer was also all decorated for Christmas.

Who doesn't need a pinata in the shape of Oregon?

Sweet little moss gardens in jars.

Double-headed retro stuffed animals are a must for every stalking!

If you put up flamingos they will come!

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