Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!

We love cupcakes in this house. I mean, seriously, LOVE them. As a result, we go to every cupcake shop that we can. Yes, we even seek them out on our travels.

In Portland our favorite is Cupcake Jones. We love how the flavors change with the seasons, that they have a filling and that they support the local community through the purchasing of their ingredients and by benefit day on Tuesdays. Some of our favorite Cupcake Jones cupcakes are velvet painting, peanut butter & jelly, caramel apple and apple & pear. If you haven’t had their PB&J, do it!

Another one of our favorites, but in Seattle, is Trophy Cupcakes.They also change out their flavors with the seasons and their shop is super cute. It’s also a great place for little gifts and cards. Next time you are in Seattle make sure you go by and check them out.

Trophy Cupcakes are a must when in Seattle!

Our favorite PB&J at Cupcake Jones and some other one. The other doesn't really matter since there's a PB&J.

A brownie cupcake sundae from the food cart, Sugar Cube.

Valentine's cupcakes from Saint Cupcake. So cute.

Our kitten, Cupcake, thought these cupcakes smelled so good he ripped the box open. BAD KITTY!

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