Christmas Gifts for the Tikiphile in Your Life

In case you haven’t noticed, we love tiki here at Knotty Cakes Ranch. Seriously, L-O-V-E it! Many of our gifts to each other revolve around tiki and we thought it’d be fun to share some of what we’ve been hinting at that we want with you. Let us know if you end up getting any of them.

1. My Little Shrunken Head tiki mug by Munktiki

Munktiki has a really great new tiki mug, My Little Shrunken Head, being released later today at 7pm west coast time. He stands at 4 ¾ inches tall and holds 3 cups of holiday spirits. Hot Buttered Rum, anyone? We confess, we already have this mug and we can tell you its truly great. The rotting glaze technique is fabulous and it feels perfect cupped in two hands.

2.Calendar from Forbidden Island Tiki Bar

Who doesn’t want a calendar from Forbidden Island to keep track of all their tiki bar dates? The all new 2011 calendar features beautiful pin-ups photographed be the likes of Roy Varga, Gabriel Hurley-Ramstad, Paul McMillan and others. You can pick one up for $15 at Forbidden Island (make sure to get a Macadamia Nut Ch Chi while you are there) or on-line at lulu.

3.Trader Tiki’s Hand-Crafted Exotic Syrups

If you haven’t tried Trader Tiki’s syrups yet you are really missing out. Whenever we don’t feel like or have enough time to make our own syrups we always turn to Trader Tiki’s. Each batch is hand-crafted in small batches right in our home town of Portland-Land and tested time and time again to make sure that they continue to bring the correct flavors to any classic tiki drink. In other words, there’s a lot of drinking going on with these syrups. All syrups are only $11.99 each.

4.Vintage Roadside T-Shirts

Vintage Roadside makes great t-shirts that feature authentic advertising images of the past. They have a great collection of tiki inspired t-shirts featuring designs for Zombie Zulu, Hidden Harbor, the Chi-Chi, Mysterious Voo-Doo Shelter, Hawaiian Cottage , Hula Hut and Tiki Gardens. We already have most of these shirts and love them so much we wanted to make sure that you knew about this great local company. T-shirts are only $20.

5.Music for Moai CD

Need a great stocking stuffer for that special tikiphile? The Music for Moai CD is just that and all proceeds go to charity! The Faternal Order of Moai (FOM) has put together this great compilation of music of unreleased tracks from several artistes including Waitiki 7, Pablus, Vegas 66, Go Tsunami and more to support their national charity, the Easter Island Foundation (EIF). The CD is only $8.95 and $5 from every CD goes directly to EIF.

6.Sputnik Housewares

Sputnik Housewares is a great place to go to pick up a vintage tiki mug or other tiki item such as, a Treasure Craft fish shaped dip and chip set. We have found some great pieces there and recommend hitting this place on a regular basis to stock your home tiki bar or mid-century inspired home. The prices are more than reasonable. Sputnik Housewares can be found inside Deco to Disco, on the triangle at SE 20th, across from CineMagic.

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