Welcome to Knotty Cakes Ranch.

The long awaited photos I've been promising to post are finally here! Welcome to Knotty Cakes Ranch! As I look back at these photos, only taken one month ago, I can already see so many changes that Drew and I have made to the house. I loved it when we moved in, but I love it even more with every improvement that we make.

Drew, Amanda, and I look forward to sharing more of our home with you at our housewarming party on June 12th. Make sure to keep checking back here for more updates on Knotty Cakes Ranch, as well as our party.

Knotty Cakes Ranch

Soon to be my Pineapple Princess kitchen.

From the dining room to the kitchen.

Living room with a bit of the dining room poking out from behind the fireplace.

Another view of the living room.

Down the long hallway to all of the bedrooms and closets. There are so many closets in this house. I love all the storage!

All three bedrooms pretty much looked the same when we moved in, but you should see them now.

Jack and Jill bathroom taken from our bedroom with a view into the kitchen and dining room.

Main bathroom.

Future home of our tiki bar. I can't believe since actively collecting items to one day have a tiki bar for over 15 years I am finally going to be pulling out my collection and putting my bar together. We hope you will join us for a tiki drink when it's all put together.

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