Memorial Weekend = Yard Work

Drew, Amanda and I have been planning since we've moved in to work on the front yard of Knotty Cakes Ranch over Memorial weekend. Even with the rain predicted all weekend, we are still planning our Memorial weekend working on our front yard. It needs a lot of work and we'd really like to have it all done before our housewarming party. We are not going to let this rain or the two big junipers that need to be pulled out stop us!

If anyone doesn't mind getting wet and dirty, we could really use some help. Besides, the two large junipers we need help getting out, we could also use some help getting out two other large bushes. We are not sure what they are, just that they are big, ugly, and need to be removed.

We will also be making the planting beds larger, planting some new plants, planting the flower box next to the front door, transplanting two trees, making a walkway up to the front door through the grass, and doing general clean up of the front of the house. Anyone who is willing to get out there with us and help us out we will provide food, drink, laughs, and the best time we can have while working in the rain. We will be out there all weekend, please feel free to stop by and join in the fun!

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