Tiki Night at Teardrop Lounge Recapulation

With another Tiki Night just around the corner, this Sunday, I figured it was about time I got on posting about the last one. Blair aka as Trader Tiki, of course, pulled off another successful night of tiki drinks and good times. He put great detail and attention into the menu, drinks, and presentation. He even had his first batch of syrups available for purchase to the public with him. If you weren't lucky enough to make it to Tiki Night, you can now buy his syrups and swizzle sticks on-line at his Trading Post.

Blair spares no expense providing his own syrups and menus.

The Tropical Itch came with it's own scratcher for those hard to reach places.

Many Portland tikiphiles, including Heather, Craig, and Kim of Tiki Kon, showed up for Tiki Night.

Bill of Eye of the Tiki and Lizzie shared a scorpion bowl with Drew and I bought for us by Heather and Craig. Thanks, again, Heather and Craig!

Drew had to work that day, but luckily found a little down time to join us for a bit of tiki fun.

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