Tikiyaki Orchestra's Jungle Jet Pack

As part of the promotion for Tikiyaki Orchestra's new cd they introduced Tikiyaki Airways. The release party of their new cd was promoted as Flight 151 that was to depart from Don the Beachcomber's in Huntington Beach, CA. Unfortunately, that flight was canceled due to Flight 151 being grounded as a result of running out of egg rolls. However, the Jungle Jet Set Packs that they offered at a limited number of 100 still shipped as promised.

I actually did a bit of debating oo if I should get the Jungle Jet Pack or not. I was the second to last one to order and once my package arrived I was so happy I decided to get it. The package was put together like the old airline packs you use to get on flights as a child. It had a flight bag, paper airplane to assemble, flight pin, barf bag, coasters, stickers, fortune cookies, a limited edition tiki necklace by Kirby, a limited edition tiki mug by Squid, and of course, Tikiyaki Orchestra's latest cd. This is truly one of the great tiki collector's sets.

To order Tikiyaki Orchestra's latest cd go here.

Even the box stated it was from Tikiyaki Airways.

Pulling out the Jungle Jet Pack.

Mug #99 out of 100 and so much more!

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