We have a new tiki bar in town, Da'Hui. Well, it's more Hawai'ian than tiki, but hopefully it will come around. Drew and I headed there on Friday night, after the Rose Festival, to check it out. We heard they had pretty good Hawai'ian lunch plate and had to give it a try ourselves. The macaroni salad was great. We liked that they had shrimp and tofu options since neither of us eats meat or poultry. The teriyaki sauce was a bit lacking in the flavor department. Both of us would have liked to see them have some actual tiki drinks on the menu. The bartender told us that they were still in the works of figuring that part out since they have only been open for a few weeks. Over all we liked the place and I am sure we will go back again for the food and in hopes of those tiki drinks.


A-Dawg said...

wasn't da'hui a surf gang in Oahu?

kimmy kupcakes said...

I looked it up and from what I found it was a surf club started in 1976. The year I was born. It's also a brand of surf clothing. You can read more about it here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/15/fashion/15surfing.html?_r=1


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