Beach House Weekend 6/19

Just Drew and I headed out to the beach house in Manzanita this weekend. We started out with another yummy lunch at El Mariachi Mexican restaurant. They have really great food with lots of flavor. We tried them right after they opened, last time we were at the beach house and couldn't wait to go back. They offer a lard free black beans and they are more than happy to remove any cheese for us.

Next we headed over to Nehalem in search of alcohol since Drew dropped the ball and forgot to bring any with us. This also started us off on some shopping some there was a light rain and the weather really wasn't suitable for going down to the beach on the first day. Believe it or not going shopping is something we actually have not done when we've been out at the beach house.

We didn't find any alcohol in Nehalem and the shop selection certainly isn't a large one. However, I did still find a couple of fun items for our home tiki bar. I found a small hand carved tiki with a very little penis, a bunch of drink umbrellas that I stocked up on at a close out store, and a nice size monkey pod tray. I also found a great vintage light I would have loved to get for the bar, but it was way out of our price range.

Next we went further down the coast to Wheeler. I spotted a liquor store right away that shared a space with the visitor center. What are they trying to say about their town? I'm not sure, but I love it! While Drew headed in there to pick up some rum, I headed into a second-hand clothing store where I found myself a great tiki dress for Tiki Oasis and even a fabulous tiki shirt for Drew.

After shopping, we headed home and I made us a dinner of hors d'oeuvres we could munch on while we watched The Spirit, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Clambake. Drew made us some yummy pomegranate mojitos and we spent the rest of the night in.

The next day we headed to breakfast at Wanda's Cafe in Nehalem. Drew and I discovered this place last time we were at the beach house and really love it. It's all done up in 50's style and is full of all kinds of vintage items from the 50's. The food is great, well priced, and has something for everyone from Vegans to meat eaters. The tofu scramble, apple cinnamon french toast, and vegetarian sandwich are all really good and all their breads taste like they bake them on site. They also have all kinds of baked goods and an espresso bar.

Once our tummies were full and happy we headed to Seaside for the Muscle Beach Cruz car show. We walked along the main street looking at cars and checking out some of the local shops until we got all the way down to the promenade. Along the way, I found a bamboo vase that we are going to use to put different size straws into for the home tiki bar and Drew found a carved tiki tooth pick holder. We even found a little cupcake shop, Frills where we shared two cupcakes. The weather held out the whole day and all in all it was a great weekend at the beach.

Loving the food at El Mariachi Mexican restaurant.

Talk about jumping on a trend bandwagon. It's just cake mix with a different label.

I so wanted to get this for our home tiki bar, but with a price tag of $400 I passed.

Drew is THE man!

Who knew they still made this?

Drew was pretty excited when we found some nice dairy free frozen desserts.

I've been meaning to take a picture of the wood stove at the beach house for a while. Anyone else see a Moai?

Check out Wanda's Cafe next time you are at the beach.

Love this fish tank at Wanda's Cafe.

Wanda's espresso drinks are great!

Muscle Beach Cruz car show in Seaside, OR.

My favorite car!

At Seaside beach.

Frill's cupcakes.

We shared coconut and raspberry cupcakes.

A woodpecker that was happily pecking away outside the beach house.

My tiki bar finds for the weekend.

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