The Alibi in June

With so much going on lately and running off to the beach house, I almost forgot to post about our latest outing to The Alibi. We headed out to The Alibi a couple Wednesdays back with a large group of friends. We started up in the front of the bar which is my favorite place to sit and then moved to the back once the karaoke started. So many people showed up that we invited that we took the place over. It was great and fun was had by all!

Stef tried out a new song for the night, Usher's Yeah Yeah. She rocked that song so much we all had to get up and dance.

I'm a leopard! RAWR!

Even AlexSandra made an appearance! Drew and I were both so happy that she showed up. AlexSandra and Drew grew up across the street from each other and I know shop at AlexSandra's wonderful vintage store when ever I'm looking for something different. It's just up the street from The Alibi, if you want to stop by.

Drew and I enjoying a Kumoniwannalaya.

Stef and Candace are two of my bestest friends!

We had to get a picture with all the Bad Girls before any of them left. Nikki, Stef, Dawn, Candace, and Shelly. I love these women big time!

Of course, my friends started a conga line!

Drew is such a crooner.

The Alibi is always a great time!

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