Wedding Colors

I love red and pink. Drew loves blue and green. With our wedding the same week as Fourth of July, you might think that we may have been a little inspired by the holiday's colors. But, we actually weren't and the thought of the holiday never crossed our minds while selecting our wedding colors.

By trading in a traditional blue for aquamarine and combining it with a bold bright tropical red, this color duo creates a dramatic effect that really pops. It's a playful and fresh color combination that's perfect for a beach wedding on Maui during summer. Don't you agree?

Love the way the red and blue both bring out each other.

We could have gone with green and pink, too. But, tropical red and aquamarine seemed like much better choices for a Maui wedding. As everything has come together, we couldn't be happier with our color choices and think everything looks perfect in these colors.

How did you decided on your wedding colors? What colors did you select?

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