A Wedding of Friendors

Whenever people ask us what we are doing for the wedding and I explain it to them, their mouths fall open and they say it must be costing us a fortune. The truth of the matter is, it isn’t. We are doing our wedding very low budget. The only reason it sounds so great it our creative and talented friends providing their services to us as know as friendors.

A friendor is an awesomely amazing friend who provides a vendor service to you for free on your wedding day. Or at a very reasonable rate. If it wasn’t for these friendors, we wouldn’t be doing much more than eloping on a beach. Or not having the wedding of our dreams. Our friendors are the best that they come!

Thank you for being our friendors!

Friendor #1 is my best friend since 6th grade and our Maid of Honor, Nicki. Besides lovingly taking on all of the Maid of Honor duties, she is also doing almost all of the graphic design for the wedding. You’ve seen some of her work already in the wedding save the dates and invitations, but there’s so much more to come! Her best superhero talent though is being able to take everything I throw at her and interpret it on paper to make exactly what I want even though I am pretty sure I am just mumbling and drooling the whole time I’m trying to explain anything to her. I know those off the chart invitations are making you wonder if she could do your invitations, too. Umm, yeah, she can!

Friendor #2 is one of my best friends since high school, Honey. She made us our adorable Maui wedding map and a bunch of Kimmy and Drew postmarks and stamps. Even after she had the map all done, I had it for months and then I asked her to do a map key for it, she whipped it right out. I love the kitchiness of them.

Friendor #3 is one of my best friends, also since 6th grade, Sara. Well actually, she was just a friend in 6th grade. We didn’t become besties until 7th grade when Friendor #1 moved away. (Yes, I cried. A lot.) She did our remarkable engagement photos and will also be taking all of our wedding photos. Not only will she be taking photos of our wedding, but all 4 and half days of our wedding activities! I would do a back flip every time I said this, but alas, I don’t know how. She mostly works in advertising photography, which gives her photos just the edge we wanted, as well as tell a great story. We love our engagement pictures so much and can’t wait to see what she does with our wedding pictures. Not to mention at the luau we will be attending or during the sunset cruise we are going on or, or....

Friendor #4 is another Maui bride I met last year. (I’m keeping her name off of here since I’m not sure if she wants me sharing it or not.) We hit it off and when I was going back and forth on having a wedding videographer or not, she offered to help me out. She’s a video editor at the top of her game and I still can’t believe she is doing this for us. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t’ even be having a wedding video.

Friendor #5 is our friend, Blair, a local syrup maker and bartender. (And those are only his side jobs.) He's going to be bar tending our Portland wedding celebration making up all of the great drinks we came up with for our very special drink menu.  He'll also be providing the syrups for the drinks.  Now Drew and I are tiki drink snobs who wouldn't trust just anyone making up our drinks for our celebration, but we trust Blair.  We know he knows how to make a tiki drink correctly and will make all of guests happy with his bar tending skills.  He will also make us extremely happy being able to hand all of that over to him.

We certainly owe big props to all of these friends. Yes, they all need wonderful gifts, too. Do you have any ideas on gifts for them?

Do you have any friendors that you will be using for your wedding?

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