1 Month Until Maui

We are in the stretch to our wedding planning trip to Maui! We leave in exactly 1 month and are beyond excited. When we first started talking about if we should do a planning trip or not we thought it was a luxury that we couldn't afford and weren't even sure if it was really needed. I started doing a little research into how much it would cost us and realized it was going to be a lot cheaper than we thought. We also knew that to be able to go over to Maui before the wedding would release a huge amount of stress for us and would mean we wouldn't be running around like nene with our heads cut off the couple days leading up to the wedding week. 

Nene, the Hawaiian state bird.
We lucked out in getting our tickets for cheap since we decided to visit Maui during the off season, Hawaiian Airlines had tickets on sale for pretty cheap and on top of that we had a 25% off coupon that could be used on both of our flights.Buying the tickets also meant more miles for us to get our tickets to Maui for the wedding for free.  
Once we had tickets we could afford, I contacted all of our vendors to see when would work best to meet up with each of them. Yes, all 3 of them.  I know, we have a lot of vendors. We set up to do a walk-through of our venue, to eat at our venue, do a walk-through of the inn we would be staying at, have a cake tasting and meet with our wedding officiant.

Next we figured out where we needed to visit to get prices, pick up a few items for the wedding and to eat to test out places for the rehearsal dinner, welcome BBQ, wahine party and cock n hen party. We worked into our schedule to visit Costco, the ABC store, Liquor Barn, Whole Foods, some nail salons, Aloha Mixed Plate, South Shore Tiki Lounge, Da Kitchen and Halimaile General Store. Yes, we are fully committed to torture ourselves by eating at all of these wonderful places to make sure that our guests will all have a great dining experience while on Maui. 

I've been watching a timeshare for us to stay at for the past couple weeks for cancellations that we could get in on and be able to stay there for free instead of having to pay for a hotel.  We wanted to stay 3 nights at the timeshare in Lahaina and two at the one in Kihei. So far, we have our two nights at Kihei booked and have full faith that the other three days will clear up in Lahaina. 

We think we have a good plan and pretty much everything in place for our trip. Is there anything that you can think of that we might have forgotten about?

Did you go on a scouting or planning trip for your wedding? What was the most important thing that you learned from it?

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