Smuggler's Cove

We actually hit one other place while on our engagement trip, but thought it deserved a whole post all on it's own. After dinner and dancing at the Tonga Room we headed over for our first visit to Smuggler's Cove! Unfortunately, Drew had started to get sick Saturday afternoon and by Sunday night was exhausted, so we didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked to. Still Drew was such a trooper and wasn't about to let us go to San Fransisco without going to Smuggler's Cove. Even thought we only stayed long enough to check the place out, take pictures and for me to have one drink, it was worth going.  We both look forward to our next trip back.


If you didn't know Smuggler's Cove was there, you would miss it. Make sure to look for the red light to find it!

Top floor view.

Love the puffer fish lamp going down the stairs!

Smuggler's Cove signature drink comes in a mug you get to take home! Of course, they give you one in a box that's never been used. Always happy to add another Munktiki mug to the collection!

Add a little nutmeg to make your fire really spark!

Happy to finally get to see Smuggler's Cove!

Tribute to Tiki Bob!

How much do you love the way this place is decorated?!

Do you have certain places you always try to visit when you go on vacation?

All photos are personal photos and cannot be used without permission. Mahalo!

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