The Creation of Our Wedding Invitation

We looked through a lot of wedding invitations.  And by a lot, I mean 1,111 of them.  Give or take. Being a destination bride opens up a whole other ballpark of wedding invitations. We looked at them on the Wedding Bee, The Knot, Ceci, Etsy and just doing random Google searches. We saved a ton of images that we liked of invitations we were interested in and continued to go through them again and again, weeding more invitations out each time.

There was a suite of wedding invitations that we kept going back to by Ceci. If you don't know Ceci, her invitations are amazing.  They are also way out of our price range. The price of her invitations is about what we are spending on our entire wedding.  I kid you not.  Regardless, these were still the invitations that we kept going back to and knew we wanted. They were the perfect blend of retro, yet elegant and would go perfect with our wedding theme.  But, there wasn't anyway we could have them.  Or was there?

An example of some of Ceci's work.
Photos by Ceci

We knew we wouldn't be able to have Ceci do our invitations for us, so we opted for the next best thing.  And really, in the end, the best thing for us. Lucky for us, our Maid of Honor, Nicki, has mad graphic design skills and was able to take what we liked of Ceci's style to create the most amazing wedding invitations we have ever seen.  I actually think they are way better than the invitations she used for inspiration. Again, I kid you not! We are so excited to almost be ready to share our invitations to our tiki wedding extravaganza with all of you. 

Nicki and I worked all day last Saturday putting the wedding invitations together.  She's coming over again tomorrow so we can get them finished up and packed to mail. We will be sending out the invitations next week! Wow! Next week! Once all of our little wedding party have received their invitations, we will be sure to post photos of them here. We can't wait to share them with all of you!

What inspired your wedding invitations? 


Carina aka "the youngest one" said...

Hi Kimmy - I love the look of your invites. I'm toying with the idea of designing my own (for my Maui wedding in November!) How/where did you print them? At home? Where did you source your paper? Thanks!

kimmy kupcakes said...

Hi! The main invitation and the inserts we printed at a local print shop. It cost about $50 and included the paper. All of the additional invites and the enclosure cards we printed through VistaPrint using their 100 lb recycled paper. We had the printer match the paper from VistaPrint. We would have printed everything through Vista, but they didn't have the sizing we needed for the main invitation and inserts. I was really happy with both printing places. If you have any other questions, let me know.


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