Let me start off by saying that Adele sounds in person exactly as she does on her cds. There are no machines or mixing happening to bring us that fabulous voice.  It is all her.  Second, she is the biggest dork ever! And I love her for it.

Nicki and I went to see Adele back in August.  We were right in the front and it was an AMAZING show.  We had so much fun and we're so glad that we went.  Adele was really wonderful and left you feeling like you had just sat down and had a conversation with you in your own living room.

She let us know this was only her second time performing outside and it wasn't something that she was very fond of. She doesn't like bugs so any time a moth would fly by her she would finish the song she was singing and then she would scream. She'd also wave her arms about and ask us if we saw how close it got to her.  She had everyone cracking up. Honestly, by the end of the night she felt like a new best girlfriend.  I can't wait to see her perform live, again.

Nicki, get over it! This picture is fine!
Adele was so grateful for her open welcome to Portland. She loved our Voodoo Doughnuts!
Adele would tell us where each song she wrote came from and the history behind each.  Her album, 21, except for one song was all written about the same man and relationship.

She had such emotion in all of her songs. She didn't hold back, at all! 

This would be the one song that was written about a different man. Can you guess how she felt about him? 

Such an amazing show!
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