USPS to Increase Prices- Again

The USPS is increasing the price of their stamps, again. The price increase goes into effect January 22, 2012. For those of you who buy your stamps in advance and didn't buy forever stamps, especially brides who bought the wedding cake stamps and wedding rings stamps, you better use them up before the price increase and you have to add another stamp. You know that never looks good on an invitation. I'm currently trying to come up with ways to make sure we use up all of our wedding-related stamps before the increase. Might mean sending out save the dates for our at home reception earlier.

Better use up these stamps before the price increase.

Use these ones up, as well.

We should have bought these forever stamps instead of the cake and rings.

Make sure to buy your forever stamps before the price increase on January 22nd.
Will the postage increase be an inconvenience to you?

All photos provided by the USPS' site.  Oh, the services they do for us!

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