Grand Exit

Currently, I'm obsessed with making our grand exit.  Drew, Nicki and our friend, Honey have all heard more than enough about it from me.  Not it a bad way, in an I've run a bunch of ideas by them and gotten their opinions and ideas kind of way. We've looked at ribbon wands, flower petals, bubbles and more. Still, I don't know what we are going to do. 
That's a whole lot of exit ideas.
Photos from Wedding Paper. 
I love the idea of sparklers since the wedding is close the the Fourth of July, but our reception will be during the day, so sparklers really wouldn't work for that time.  Plus, Hawaii has gotten really strict with their firework laws.  It can be really hard to get sparklers, let alone the really long ones. Even if we will be there around the Fourth of July. 

I also thought the idea of Sky Lanterns were fun, but again, not going to have the same effect during the day.
Photo from JoPhoto 
We even looked into doing a live butterfly release.  It seemed like a very Hawaiian thing to do, but ended up being way too expensive.  Even with as small of a guest list as we are having. 
It sure does look pretty!
Photo from Shannanigans

There's always the old stand by of having people throw things at us. I'm not real big at having things thrown towards my face though and I can only predict that every picture of me I would be wincing or trying to hide my face.  Ok, I admit it, I actually hate things being thrown at my face. 
How much fun would pom poms be?
Photo from ellyb events
We still aren't any closer to knowing what we want to do for our grand exit, but at least we know what we don't want to do. At least, it's a start.  Plus, we have time to figure it out.  Until then, I will continue to be obsessed with it. 

Hmm, maybe we'll just run off into the seagulls.  You never know....
Photo from Destination Wedding

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