Maui Wedding Planning Trip

You have no idea how much planning a wedding takes up your time until you are in the middle of it. We are both waiting for the storm to pass a little and to be in the eye for a bit.  Wouldn't mind having just a taste of the calm before moving back into the storm.

The biggest challenge we have come up against with planning a destination wedding is, well, it being destination. You can't just set up a cake tasting for next Saturday or check out your wedding site. Instead you relay very heavily on on-line reviews, vendors and in our case, the website, the knot.  Particularly the destination and Hawaii community boards. However, even having all of these on-line resources there are still many things that you are still not able to do.  As a result, we have decided to do a wedding planning trip to Maui early next year. 

It was a big decision for us to do this.  It's an extra wedding cost and additional time off from work.  But, the amount of stress and the piece of mind if will give us are priceless. As a result, we have a cake tasting set up, will be meeting with the kahuna performing our wedding ceremony, check out all of the locations where we have all of our wedding activities planned, get a better feel for the area to be able to make recommendations to our wedding guests, eat at the place we are interested in to have our rehearsal dinner and most important, visit where the actual wedding ceremony and reception will take place. We know in the end we will be so happy that we did this wedding planning trip to Maui.

Now for the hardest part, waiting to be able to go!

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