Knotty Cakes Ranch Updates Keep Coming

We've been plenty busy over here at Knotty Cakes Ranch trying to do as much as possible before our engagement party. In fact, right after the holidays we pledged to get as much as possible done on the house before summer got here.  Here's a look into some of the stuff we've been doing.

We hung framed photos taken by photographer, Sara Sanger.

Another view of the photos hung in the dining room.

Drew painted one of the walls in the dining room a bright vibrant orange.

Can't get enough of this orange wall.

Hung our Shag print, The Tall Order, on our new orange wall.  Don't you love the way the colors look together?

Hung our Shag prints, The Refill and The Road Runner, on our gold wall in the living room. We purchased both of these prints at the Shag store in Palm Springs.

Picked up these great chairs for our tiki bar at an estate sale around the corner from our house.  Mom is going to be making new seat covers for them.

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calihoney said...

House is looking fabulous! I love that lamp! Can't wait to see it in person. xoxhoney


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