Non-Valentine's Day Pajama Fondue White Elephant Party

Yup, that's one big mouthful of a party. Don't make us say it, again. Our friend, Julie of Fab Gabs and who does the Portland edition of Church of Sinatra, threw this great party by putting together all of the theme ideas that she had been wanting to do for parties for a while. What we ended up with was all dressed in our vintage pjs, eating fondue and opening great gifts right before Valentine's Day.

Heading out to the party.

Bet you wouldn't mind having your lady look like this when she went to bed.

Julie explaining how the White Elephant works.

Theresa was the first to open a gift.

Sarah is always looking glam.

All the ladies in their vintage pjs.
Of course, Chris needs to get right in there.

All the men showing off their pjs.

Party food with lots of fondue.

Kimmy Kupcakes and Drew.

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