Tiki Oasis 10 Main Stage: Night 2

We are now back on track with postings from Tiki Road Trip Take 2! Yes, we have great pictures from our visit to Palm Springs and LA-LA-land, but won't be posting them until we can get through this trip.  Well, we will probably post proposal photos before that.

The second night of the main stage at Tiki Oasis was another great night of entertainment. There was burlesque, Charles Phoenix, The Lampshades, APE and so much more.  For us, our favorite part was probably The Lampshades, but APE was a close second.  Can't wait to see what they do on the main stage this year!

This hot burlesque dancer is from Portland!

Gotta love Charles' pink suit!

The Lampshades! Yes, that is Meredith from The Office.

Amanda, Brix and Honey during the Lampshades. Don't you love Honey's tiki mug?

Kimmy Kupcakes and Drew

Notice the camel toe. Yup, just pointed that out to you!

Google The Lampshades if you haven't heard of them before.  They will crack you up.

Maybe next year we will win one of these!

Like them coconuts!

We ran into our friend, Craig looking lost with an empty tiki mug.

Otto and Baby Doe.

APE! Crazy Al carves a tiki while performing on stage.  It's pretty awesome to see.

Happy 10 Years of Tiki Oasis!

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