Around Tiki Oasis 10: Day 3

Everyone grab a Dark Magic because all good things must come to an end and Tiki Oasis is no different. The last day of Tiki Oasis is much slower than the others with many people checking out and heading home. The vendors were still going strong and we did a bit more shopping, but the over all tone is more low key and we spent a good amount of time sitting next to the pool and hanging out with friends. Until next year, Tiki Oasis.

Our friend Blair, aka Trader Tiki, makes and sells wonderful syrups that are the best for not only tiki drinks, but any drinks.  If you haven't had the pleasure of checking out his syrups, make sure you do it this weekend.

There were more carvers carving tikis on the last day than any of the other days.

Love this tiki done by Crazy Al.

Crazy Al and Drew getting CRAZY!

One of Al's great mugs.

Liza and Jeff by the pool.

Drew and Kimmy Kupcakes enjoy the sunshine by the pool.

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