Tiki Oasis 10 Symposiums

There were lots of great symposiums this year at Tiki Oasis to pick from.  We could have gone to all of them, but instead just went to the ones we wanted to see the most. Between the three of us we went to The Story of Aquarama, Tropical Luau Buffet Table, Aloha Cuisine, Charles Phoenix Retro Slide Show, Cocktail Garnish Class and The Persuasive Power of Punch. We also helped set up Rum and Chocolate which meant we got to try all the rum and chocolate, but didn't stay for the actual symposium. Maybe we will next year. 

Drew getting ready to garnish his cocktails.

Suzanne from Forbidden Island teaching some garnishing tricks.

Drew's garnish masterpiece! 

Drew's kind of messy....

The power of the punch summed many a tikiphiles.

The first punch: Fish House punch.

Now that's a punch bowl!

Punch time!


Damon @ Let's Tiki said...

The garnish looks great. I love the enormous punch bowl!

Dr.Jones said...

How did he make that bowl and what's the garnish?

I must own it.

kimmy kupcakes said...

The bowl is made from one of those plastic ponds used in the yard. They DIYed it to make it into a volcano bowl.

My fiance made the garnishes. Just some fruit and a couple garnish tools we have in our kitchen. I'd suggest just playing around. They are pretty easy to make.


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