Formica Ordered!

We got our Formica! We were really happy to both get gift cards from our parents for Christmas to be able to order our Formica. We got a call yesterday that said it had been shipped and was on it's way. We are so excited to be finally fixing the counters in our kitchen.

We also picked up a great color of orange, pumpkin patch, to be used in the stairwell down to where we are building the basement tiki bar and also for one wall in the dining room. We've been really wanting to paint orange in the house somewhere and we're glad to have finally figured out where the perfect place was for it. Photos will be coming soon!

Last, but not least, we have decided to return the main bathroom back to it's original color of pink. We were playing around with making it aquamarine for a while, but decided that the pink bathroom needs to be honored. After debating over many different colors of pink paint we finally figured out which one we thought would look best. Of course, it's called Flamingo Dream. We also picked out the bubble gum VCT for the floor. It's going to look fabulous with the gold speck Formica in there when we are all done. Long live the pink bathroom!


Brook said...

love your blog! Can't wait to see pictures!

kimmy kupcakes said...



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