Currently 82 Degrees

In Palm Springs that is!

We will be heading to Palm Springs for a much needed vacation in February. We have already started counting down and check the weather there daily. Can almost feel that sun on our skin, again. It sure is going to feel good once we are finally there and able to get reacquainted with the sun.

While we are in Palm Springs, it just so happens that Modernism Week will be taking place. Modernism Week is a nine day celebration of modernist design, architecture and culture that includes the annual architecture symposium, Architecture and Design film series, lectures, vintage car show, parties and many other events throughout Palm Springs. This is not only our first time to Modernism Week, but to Palm Springs, as well and we are very excited about both.

We will also be heading to Lala-land for a few days to get our Southern California tiki fix with visits to Don the Beachcomber's, Trader Vic's, Tiki Ti, Tonga Hut, Tiki No, Damon's and Purple Orchid. You know, just hitting a couple places. Nothing big.

Once we are back at Knotty Cakes Ranch we will be sure to post all of the great details and photos here from our trip.


Brook said...

I looked up some of those bars you listed in LA. I am going to have to go and check them out. Which one do you think the best is? I live in Orange County. Are there any around here?

kimmy kupcakes said...

Hands down the best is Tiki Ti. It's a small bar in W Hollywood that's been around since the original tiki era. You have to get there early or you won't be able to get in. Last time we were there just before 9 on a Wednesday and got the last two seats in the place and that was only because a table offered to let us sit with them. The drink menu is huge and the drinks are strong. Bring plenty of cash since they don't take card and plan on being there for a while.

Is Huntington Beach in Orange County? Either way, Don the Beachcomber's is another great to go. We love their happy hour in the Dagger room. Make sure to order the Hawaiian Nachos and Painkiller in one of their great mugs to bring home.

A few of those places, Tonga Hut, Purple Orchid, Damon's and Tiki No will be our first time visiting. We try to add as much tiki as possible into our vacations, but there are many tiki bars and so little time!

Bahooka is Rosemead is another one that we love. It's a whole adventure in itself. Plan to spend many hours just checking the whole place out. They will make any drink on fire if you ask and they also have a great tiki mug.


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