Trader Vic's to Return to Portland

For the past few years there has been talk of Trader Vic's returning to Portland. There were some posts made on Tiki Central from a man saying he was looking to open a location, but then was never hear from, again. Us Portland tikiphiles waited and waited for more news, but never heard anything else about it.

Then when we were in the Bay Area last year and visited the Emeryville Trader Vic's the manager, John told us that someone had just been up to Portland from Corporate scouting for locations. Again, we waited and waited, but never heard anything else about it until today.

The original Trader Vic's of Portland closed it's doors in 1996 after being open for 30 years. Even though the original Portland Trader Vic's is gone there are still memories that linger from those that visited. You can also still see the original brick on the outside of the restaurant at what is now El Gaucho and they even serve a Mai Tai in memory of Trader Vic's.

The new Trader Vic's is rumored to be opening in the Pearl District in the location that once housed Manzana. This location and project is still in the works and no one has signed on the dotted line, as of this date. We and many others do hope to see Trader Vic's re-open it's doors in Portland. Just think, a full tiki restaurant and lounge for all celebrations and a great place to start new family traditions! We hope they sign those contracts soon!

Inside the original Portland Trader Vic's.

Portland Trader Vic's menu.

Matchbook from Portland Trader Vic's.

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