Take Your Tiki Bar on the Go!

Tiki+ is back and better than ever. It even has a new name, Beachbum Berry's Tiki+. We are glad to see that Berry has finally been given the credit he deserves and his name was included in the made-over application.

This great application is a searchable database of tiki drink recipes pulled from Jeff Berry’s many of years of research in the tiki community, getting to know great tiki master bartenders and figuring out the secret ingredients that went into recipes that many thought were lost.

For only $3.99 you get the recipes to over 150 tiki drinks, you are able to star your favorite recipes for easy reference and each recipe come with photos, old menu illustrations and history on the drink. Already have the Tiki+, like us? You might still want to purchase the new version since it comes with 24 additional recipes, has more photos, has a bigger help section and it lets you write your own notes about each recipe.

Want to get the phone for your i-Whatever? Check it out here.

You are able to search through the recipes and star which ones are your favorite.

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