Slappy Cakes

Have you been to Slappy Cakes? We got to go to their preview day before it was open and loved it. Since then we’ve taken Amanda and many friends. Its lots of fun having special grills at your table that you can cook on and having someone else prep and clean up for you. If you don’t want to cook your own pancakes, they will do it for you. Check them out, if you haven’t already.

Cooking our own pancakes at our table grill.

The batter comes in squeeze bottles to help making words easier.

Slappy Cakes has an open kitchen to see all of the action.

Vegetarian eggs benedict with roasted veggies. YUM!

You're going to be there for a while, you might as well get a pitcher of Bloody Marys.

Their biscuits and veggie gravy are tasty.

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