A Shagadelic Recapitulation

We had a great time at our Shagadelic Christmas party. We were so happy to see so many friends be able to attend and dressed to the nines! Or should we say, 60's? We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Looking forward to another 60's themed Christmas party next year.

Drew mixing up the Tom n Jerry. We made the batter from scratch the night before.

Amanda and her boyfriend, Zach.

Lise brought Saint Cupcake!

Mixing and mingling.

Notice Haley's cape on the back of her dress!

What do children wear when it's raining? It's one of those things were you had to be there to get it.

What a smashing couple Steve and Haley make!

Marci, Austin, Steve and "The Wave".

This picture was supposed to be of Heather and Lise, but well something happened to Lise.

Love all the beehives!

Joe couldn't get enough of loving on Chi Chi.

Justin and Greg.

Kirsten just loved Chi Chi, like so many others. Chi Chi was a big hit with our friends!

Now that's a dessert bar!

Cupcakes, canolies and cookies! Oh, my!

Mom brought us this great Christmas Tree platter from the 60's full of cookies she made as a gift for us.

More treats to add to the dessert bar. Fudge from Haley and Steve and cupcakes from Jon and Traci.

Now that's a festive spread! What wonderful vintage serving wear, too.

We had three different kinds of canapes and all were a hit. The "BLT" were everyone's favorite and many were surprised that they were actually vegetarian.

Another 60's inspired appetizer.

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