Knotty Cakes Ranch Updates

There are so many little things that we are constantly doing to Knotty Cakes Ranch that we wanted to give you a quick rundown of some of the updates we've made. Below are just a few.

Swag lamps hung in living room.

Sand art lamp hung in living room.

Art by George Perrou hung in our living room. The tiki's gold tooth really pops on the gold wall.

Great pom-pom tree planted outside the window of our dressing room.

Removed a couple doors from our kitchen cabinets to be able to show off our large Feistaware collection.

Put up this Take A Leaky sign we found while in Encinitas, CA at Bamboo 2 U to hide the hole in the door. We didn't want to replace the door since it was original.

Drew put up a new lamp in the entrance way to replace the "boob" lamp that was put in to "help" sell the house.

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